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29 April 2016

In the Long John Silver Collection of figureheads on display at Cutty Sark, there are several examples of 18th and 19th century politicians being chosen to decorate the bows of vessels, which were often then named after the politician too.

22 April 2016

Katherine Oxley, Retrieval Technicain, has been exploring the many roles of Severndroog castle, as seen through our archives.

20 April 2016

Our Volunteer Steve Wright, uncovers the fascinating story of five ship portraits created by a "man without hands". 

20 April 2016

Within the Long John Silver collection of figureheads - the largest collection of merchant navy figureheads in the world on display under the hull of clipper ship Cutty Sark - there is the figurehead of another tea clipper, Sir Lancelot.

19 April 2016

Library Assistant Sonia Bacca looks at some fascinating Tongan dances, seen through our archives. 

15 April 2016

In this blog, Charlotte Marriott talks about conserving a collection of eighteenth century ship plans. This is an ongoing project, which a number of Conservators from the National Maritime Museum and Paper Conservation MA students from the University of the Arts have worked on over the last few years.  

15 April 2016

Shipowners found inspiration for the names of their vessels – and the figureheads that adorned them – from many different sources including literature. Within the Cutty Sark’s collection of Merchant Navy figureheads, a good example of a figurehead inspired by literature is the ship’s own figurehead, Nannie.  

14 April 2016

No passenger ship has ever captured the public imagination like the Titanic and with the golden age of travel by ship long over, it is unlikely that any future ship ever will. 

8 April 2016

Figureheads are carved wooden sculptures which decorated the prows of sailing ships. 

8 April 2016

Continuing the long tradition for Royal Observatory astronomers, Affelia Wibisono travelled to Indonesia chasing a total solar eclipse.