The Execution of Admiral Byng, 14 March 1757. Earlier today an E-Library visitor informed me that campaigners are petitioning the House of Commons for a posthumous pardon to be granted to Admiral John Byng. Byng was excecuted on 14 March 1757 on the quarterdeck of his own flagship for failing to prevent the French from capturing Port Mahon in Minorca.
You can read more in Collections Online, and both the Guardian and Reuters have stories on the petition and its likely success. And if you'd like to read contemporary accounts, both published and manuscript, do visit us here at the Caird Library.
And on a completely different quarterdeck, this weekend the HMS Belfast is celebrating 70 years since its first launch. The ceremony on Saturday is a private Naval affair, however there is a special breakfast on the 17th for anyone who is also celebrating their 70th birthday that day!
Renee (Digital Resources Librarian)