ShipI was reading through some web metrics for the blog the other day, and was amused to see that Tanya's post on the ship's biscuit recipe had been discovered several times by people searching for "biscuit recipes". "Hard biscuit recipes" even.
Anyway this led me onto a whole ship's biscuit theme, so I had a look on and found that somebody else had already tagged this particular ship's biscuit, from our very own collections. It says a lot about the preservative qualities of the recipe that a biscuit made in 1784 looks this good.
The Royal Naval Museum also has some good information, and another recipe.
Also, if anyone has actually made a batch from Tanya's recipe (which she found in an old file in the library office) we'd be very interested to know. Personally, I think the lack of sugar would put me off.
Renée (Digital Resources Librarian)