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14 March 2017

As a young woman Emma Hamilton was one of the era’s most celebrated beauties, enchanting aristocrats and artists alike. But how did other women fare in this age of pressure to conform to ideals of feminine beauty? Ahead of her lecture at the Museum this week, historian Emily Brand investigates.

13 March 2017

As ships go, Cutty Sark is the ultimate survivor. Having faced problems at sea and fire on land, it has become stronger as a result of all the things that didn't quite go according to plan. So, when we were looking for a venue for our rather alternative wedding plans, there really was no other contender.

10 March 2017

Celebrate Women's History Month by filling the gaps in our collection and placing women back in the narrative. Alice Wroe from Herstory tells us more. 

8 March 2017

For Women's History Month we're looking at the vital role women played in the history of science and the very existence of our Observatory. On International Women's Day, we look at Britain's first paid female astronomer. 

3 March 2017

Performer is the sixth post in our series exploring the many fascinating identities Emma Hamilton held throughout her life. It explores Emma's remarkable new artform that captivated Europe - the 'Attitudes'. 

2 March 2017

Over Women's History Month we'll be sharing the stories of amazing women who've made essential contributions to our observatory. 

2 March 2017

Collections Storage Assistant Alex Strachan provides a behind the scenes look at how objects containing hazardous mercury are stored safely when not on display.

1 March 2017

Ahead of her lecture on 2 March, historian Kate Williams takes us on a whistlestop tour of Emma Hamilton's extraordinary life. 

1 March 2017

This month, make sure you catch Venus while the planet is still bright in the evening sky.

28 February 2017

Archives Assistant Victoria Syrett explores a collection of diaries, notes and drawings by Robert Gale (born 13 October 1816) who joined HMS Rattlesnake as Captain Owen Stanley’s steward for a voyage full of exploration, death and rescuing damsels in distress.