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2 August 2017

Montagu’s journals revealed a subtle ability and versatility of character and in many ways he was quite similar to his cousin, Samuel Pepys, whom Montagu was patron to. He was many things: an able soldier, a distinguished admiral, a Fellow of the Royal Society and an ambassador and diplomat. He was highly valued and liked by both Cromwell and Charles II; and praised by Clarendon and Milton. He delivered Charles II to England from exile and fought in the Dutch Wars, but was killed at the Battle of Solebay before he could reach the age of fifty.

23 February 2017

How did Samuel Pepys celebrate his birthday? Presents and cake just didn't cut it for the world's greatest diarist. 

16 March 2016

Our curator Kristian Martin looks at the first actresses to take to the stage in England. Who were they and what did Samuel Pepys say about it?

4 March 2016

During Samuel Pepys's life women were first allowed to take to the stage as professional actresses. In Women's History Month we speak to playwright Jessica Swale about the actress Nell Gwynn, who is the subject of her Olivier nominated play.

24 February 2016

How would Samuel Pepys respond to seeing the details of his life and diary displayed in public for all to see? Robbie Jacobs from The Reverie Choir has been looking for the answer.

20 February 2016

Award-winning blogger and creator of Look Up London, Katie Wignall explores why Samuel Pepys was a true Londoner. 

19 February 2016

Samuel Pepys was a true Londoner and throughout his diary we see him delight at what the capital has to offer. When faced with the Great Plague he refused to leave the city, and when he saw it destroyed by the Great Fire he weeps. We join Londonist on a tour of Pepys's city. 

13 February 2016

Inspired by a visit to our Samuel Pepys exhibition, Tim Stanton, Retrieval Technician, delves into our archives.

12 February 2016

This Valentine's Day our curator, Kristian Martin, looks at the notorious sex life of the famous diarist Samuel Pepys.

4 February 2016

The groundbreaking Principia Mathematica, Newton's breakdown and how to win at dice. Rebekah Higgitt (University of Kent) talks to us about the links between Samuel Pepys and Isaac Newton.