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18 January 2016

Robert Hooke's Micrographia opened up a whole new world of previously unseen wonders. Historian of Science, Felicity Henderson, discusses the fascinating book and how it completely amazed Samuel Pepys.

15 January 2016

In the nine years covered by his diary Samuel Pepys saw nearly 350 performances. But what did he think of the Great Bard? Guest blogger Alex Marshall finds out.

22 December 2015

Pepys was fascinated with the latest inventions and instruments. Richard Dunn, Senior Curator for the History of Science, tells us more. 

18 December 2015

Curator of the Royal Observatory, Louise Devoy, looks at Pepys's links to our site here in Greenwich.

14 December 2015

What links Samuel Pepys to Isaac Newton's 'Principia Mathmatica' and Robert Hooke's 'Micrographia'? Katherine Harrington, from the Royal Society, tells us more. 

8 December 2015

Beth Wilkey, from the Royal College of Physicians, talks about removing Pepys's bladder stone - the size of a tennis ball and with no anaesthetic!

7 December 2015

Our curator Kristian Martin looks at Pepys's health, including bladder stones, hangovers and emergency toilet breaks in a chimney. 

18 November 2015

It's 350 years since Samuel Pepys saw the Great Plague devastate London, so why are Americans still being killed today?

12 November 2015

We go behind the scenes of the Samuel Pepys installation. Alongside beautiful paintings and amazing objects there’s some stunning 17th century clothing that's just gone on display. 

10 November 2015

Plague killed around 100,000 people in Pepys's London. We speak to the Museum of London Archaeology about how to find the bodies.