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30 October 2007
The next meeting of the Flamsteed Society will be in one week's time on Monday November 5 in the NMM Lecture Theatre. Dr Francisco Diego will be talking about "What the stars...
29 October 2007
On October 23, Comet Holmes was a faint comet. A large and very expensive amateur telescope, located far away from light pollution, was required to catch even a glimpse of it...
23 October 2007
Don't forget that our clocks will return to Greenwich Mean Time this Sunday morning (the 28th of October). This means that we have to turn our clocks backwards one hour......
12 October 2007
CfDS - The Campaign for Dark Skies. An Anti Light Pollution Organisation
11 October 2007
All of the objects mentioned in last month's guide are still visible throughout October.
8 October 2007
Telegraph: Jason Lewis completes epic world voyage
6 October 2007
Jason Lewis completed his human-powered circumnavigation at the Royal Observatory, just after 12.30pm today. He and his supporters heaved Moksha, his wooden pedal boat,...
2 October 2007
Telegraph: Digital radio won't give you the pip(s) "The pips, originally generated from a clock at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, will no longer be accurate because the...
1 October 2007
Photo C7817 © National Maritime Museum Once the clocks go back, at the end of October, we'll start opening the 28-inch telescope for evening viewings.
19 September 2007
The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds Originally uploaded by Ken Schwarz