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30 September 2016

The recent discovery of HMS Terror may shed new light on the much-debated fate of Franklin's final expedition. Our curators, Claire Warrior and Jeremy Michell, cover what we know of the story so far.

28 September 2016

One unassuming print in our collection reveals a different perspective to the extraordinary celebrations that followed the Battle of the Glorious First June. Hazel Vidler, Ship Portrait volunteer, reveals more.

13 September 2016

Caird Fellow Hannah Stockton reveals how new dock plans in the late 18th century could have dramatically changed the layout of London and the Thames.

9 September 2016

As we prepare for the reopening of the Queen's House, Katy Barrett, Curator of Art, looks at the dramatic effect the house has had on Greenwich. 

9 September 2016

As well as being objects of beauty, the astrolabe was the instrument favoured for instruction and observation in celestial astronomy for more than a millennium. We hear more from Christopher Parkin, Museum of the History of Science, University of Oxford.

5 September 2016

On Saturday 10 September we will be opening up the ship model stores at No.1 Smithery, The Historic Dockyard Chatham.

23 August 2016

On International Slavery Remembrance Day, we look at the role London played in the transatlantic slave trade.

23 August 2016

On International Slavery Remembrance Day our curator, Aaron Jaffer, remembers those forced to take their own lives during the horrific 'Middle Passage'. 

20 August 2016

On 23 August Steve Martin will join us to mark International Slavery Remembrance Day. He talks to us about his Greenwich Tour, Black Sailors and Scribes, looking at the lives of African sailors and their impact on Greenwich. 

19 August 2016

Craig Hollander, from The College of New Jersey, asks how should we commemorate International Slavery Remembrance Day on 23 August.