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21 July 2016

Last week we looked at the defeat of the Spanish Armada and Elizabeth I's famous Tilbury speech. Today we're exploring the legacy of these actions, focussed on the iconic Armada Portrait that you can help save for the nation

15 July 2016

On the day of the recent Referendum result, we considered the long history of people fleeing persecution, famine and/or war. Journalist Dr Thembi Mutch outlines the discussion.

13 July 2016

Last week we discussed the build up to the Spanish Armada, today we look at its arrival off the English coast and the most famous speech of Queen Elizabeth's reign.

8 July 2016

On 22 July 1588 the Spanish Armada, a force of 130 ships and 18,000 men, left northern Spain and headed for the English Channel. Its objective was to rendezvous with a large army assembled in the Netherlands, commanded by the Duke of Parma.

6 July 2016

Eliott Wragg, Project Officer for the Thames Discovery Programme, explores the longest archaeological site in London - the Thames foreshore. 

5 July 2016

Harriet Braine takes a closer look at a quirky 19th-century print and a not entirely successful salvage operation using the latest diving technology.

1 July 2016

Curator Andrew Choong explores the glory days and decline of Thames shipbuilding and invites you to discover more in our foreshore walks.

23 June 2016

As Greenwich and Docklands Festival begins in style at the 400-year-old Queen's House, Pieter van der Merwe reveals the hidden history of entertainment and spectacle in Greenwich.

23 June 2016

For Refugee Week, Megan Barford looks at the skilled engraver - and refugee - behind one of the Museum's beautiful 16th-century sea atlases.

10 June 2016

Collections Storage Assistant, Alex Strachan, provides a behind the scenes look at how the longcase clock collection is stored when not on display.

Collections Storage Assistant, Alex Strachan provides a look behind the scenes at how the longcase clock collection is stored when not on display.