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Publish date: 23 October 2006

In May 2006 the National Maritime Museum, in collaboration with Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, will launch a new exhibition and gallery trail which explores the link between fashion and cruise travel throughout the roaring twenties and decadent thirties.

Publish date: 23 October 2006

The National Maritime Museum is celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Victoria Cross by placing a number of Victoria Cross medals from its collection on public display. The display – Victoria Cross: 150 years of gallantry – will open on 28 August 2006 in the Museum’s E-library.

Publish date: 23 October 2006

'Mariners and Migrants: in Search of Home' is a compelling new exhibition that explores the lives of 19th-century child migrants and young sailors who sailed the transatlantic route between Great Britain and Canada opening at the National Maritime Museum in January 2006.

Publish date: 23 October 2006

Astronomers all over world prepared to watch the annual Perseid meteor shower which at its peak may produce 80 meteors each hour.

Publish date: 23 October 2006

On 15 February 2006 the Royal Observatory Greenwich – the home of time – opened four compelling new galleries to tell the story of precision timekeeping.

Publish date: 20 October 2006

On 20 June 2006 Understanding Slavery, an innovative new teaching website, was launched at the National Maritime Museum by the Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, and the Minister for Culture, David Lammy.

Publish date: 26 September 2006

Thirty-seven years on from his record-breaking solo sailing achievement, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston hopes to repeat the feat.

Publish date: 21 April 2006

The National Maritime Museum was declared 'England’s Best' within the tourism industry at the glittering 'Enjoy England Awards for Excellence 2006' ceremony on 20 April 2006.

Publish date: 19 April 2006

The National Maritime Museum has invited Dan Holdsworth to be its 2006 artist for the New Visions contemporary art programme. At the Edge of Space, Parts 1–3, will open on 8 June 2006.

Publish date: 18 January 2006

Life at Sea is a touring exhibition which tells the extraordinary story of Britain as a nation of seafarers. Opening at the National Maritime Museum on 19 January 2006, it showcases the rich maritime collections held by the UK’s libraries, museums and archives to provide a glimpse into the experiences and achievements of people who live, work and relax at sea.