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27 February 2015
This week's blog comes from Louise Devoy, Curator of the Royal Observatory
27 February 2015
Thanks to generous funding from DCMS and the Wolfson Foundation we can move ahead with a refurbishment of Flamsteed House. The new displays will look at the everyday lives...
20 February 2015
Last month we said a tearful goodbye to Ships, Clocks & Stars, which has been a large part of our lives for the past six months. The good news is that the closing of the...
10 February 2015
Distant Moons by Affelia Wibisono
10 February 2015
Shooting Stars by Affelia Wibisono  
8 February 2015
Today's guest post comes from Dr Rebekah Higgitt:  We’ve heard plenty about Nevil Maskelyne on this blog, which is unsurprising given that he was such a significant part of...
6 February 2015
Interview with Astronaut Dan Brandenstein by Brendan Owens
4 February 2015
Io transits Jupiter by Affelia Wibisono
30 January 2015
This appeared as a guest post by Katy for the OxfordWords blog run by Oxford Dictionaries ...
27 January 2015
Comet Lovejoy by Affelia Wibisono