Out of this World: Moon

Essential information

Date and time: 
29–30 May | 10am–12.30pm
£6 Child or Guardian | £5 Members
Royal Observatory, Planetarium & Astronomy Centre
Family fun

Prepare to go ‘out of this world’ and off to the Moon in our action-packed activity morning!

Start your orientation in our state of the art digital planetarium to visit some popular destinations within our Solar System and beyond. Continue your mission with a brain-bending Moon quiz using voting keypads and featuring stunning images of our natural satellite.

Finally take a virtual step onto the Moon with our virtual reality activity to feel what it’s like to step onto the lunar surface. This will be combined with a geological rock handling demonstration to show what features to expect on the Moon, and what how these can help us understand the formation of our closest neighbour!

Please note all children must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Age: 7+