About the National Maritime Museum

The world's largest maritime museum, filled with inspirational stories of discovery and adventure at sea. Steer a ship into port and fire a cannon at dastardly pirates.

NB in preparation for Ships, Clocks & Stars, Harrison's timekeepers H2-H3 are currently on display in the Museum shop area, and H4 (currently off display) will follow on 6 May.

About the Royal Observatory Greenwich

The Royal Observatory is the home of Greenwich Mean Time, the Prime Meridian of the World, London's only planetarium, the Harrison timekeepers* and the UK's largest refracting telescope.

*NB in preparation for Ships, Clocks & Stars H2-H3 have been moved to display in the National Maritime Museum shop. H4 will follow on 6 May and is currently off display. View full details

About the Queen's House

The 17th-century Queen's House is a beautiful royal villa and England's first truly classical building. Originally the home of Charles I's queen, it now showcases a world-class collection of paintings and also provides a unique and beautiful venue for weddings, corporate and private events.

About the Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark is the last surviving tea clipper and the fastest and greatest of her time, newly re-opened in all her glory. Venture aboard and beneath one of the world’s most famous ships, and marvel as you balance a 963-tonne national treasure on just one hand.

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