Commons people

We are really excited because we joined the Flickr commons on Wednesday 17th September.
We're using the commons to reach new audiences and to reveal connections between our content and other stuff inside and outside of traditional digital museum spaces.
We decided to add our content with a very limited amount of contextual information to make as much use as possible of descriptions, comments and tags from the Flickr community. Already after a week and a half, these familiar Flickr tools are accumulating interesting strands of information.
We've started with four sets of photographs:
Cabin class nursery on the
Bedford Lemere: 30 images from our large collection by these famous early-20th century architectural photographers.
Group portrait of Inuit girls and women
Freeze Frame: 12 astonishing 19th century polar images.
Harbour and herring fleet, Scarborough, Yorkshire
Beside the Seaside: 45 images from the late-19th and early-20th centuries showing the development of coastal tourism and industry. These Beside the Seaside images are all geotagged and also complement the exhibition at the NMM, its website and the Flickr Beside the Seaside group pool.
Man resting at the Surrey Commercial Docks
PortCities London: six images from the PortCities London website showing the development of modern London through historic photographs.
We're also working to ensure the ongoing value and sustainability of Museum digitization, by making our content available in a format where it is potentially exposed to a massive new audience.
We've released this selection of images with no know copyright restrictions.