The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has reported that humanity is unequivocally to blame for climate change and that nowhere on earth will escape the consequences. Holding off the worst is still possible if immediate and decisive action is taken.

Taking action will require change socially, economically and culturally. Those changes need framing in the cultural context of the past as it brought us to this point. These are areas in which a museum has a major role at the centre of the nation’s values and identity and can speak to how changes in human activity affect others both near and far. Our purpose is to reframe dialogue in a wider discussion to inspire changed conversations.

The Museum as an organisation also needs to address its own activities and their environmental impact and to look more widely at museum practice and certification. We are committed to transparently communicating our sustainability policies, our commitments, our progress and our plans.


Any questions or feedback about sustainability at Royal Museums Greenwich can be sent to