Find out what to see in the night sky this year with astronomers from the Royal Observatory Greenwich.

To find out which stars and constellations are visible in the sky each month, read our monthly night sky highlights blog, pick up a copy of the 2023 Guide to the Night Sky publication or read our Royal Observatory astronomers' 2023 astronomy highlights.

You can also explore the pages below to find the best dates to look for meteor showers, full moons, eclipses and more.

To deepen your knowledge of our universe, pick up astrophotography tips from winners of Astronomy Photographer of the Year or join one of the Royal Observatory's in-depth astronomy courses.

Milky Way above salt flats

See the universe in a new light

Astronomy Photographer of the Year is the world's biggest space photography competition. See this year's winners at the National Maritime Museum

Astronomy live streams

Stream the wonders of the solar system live with astronomers from the Royal Observatory. Tap the arrows to see some of our recent shows.

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Moon viewing live

50 years since humans last set foot on the Moon, join us online for a live observation of the lunar surface.

Solar eclipse October 2022

Featuring live telescope footage and expert astronomy commentary, this is one of the best ways to see the partial solar eclipse in the UK. 

Observing Mars live

 Join astronomers from the Royal Observatory Greenwich as we observe Mars - part of National Astronomy Week with the Royal Astronomical Society.

Main image: The starry sky over the world's highest national highway by Yang Sutie - Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2022