What are some of your favourite travel memories?

In partnership with Age Exchange, Royal Museums Greenwich developed the All Aboard project, creating reminiscence resources for people living with dementia and their carers, inspired by our travel journal collection.

Here, Age Exchange service users share their travel and migration memories, from turbulent crossings to their first impressions of the UK.

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Verona’s story

“Driving along the way to Lewisham, I said: 'Gosh, what a lot of factories,' and my aunt said, 'No, that’s houses!'"

In 1967, Verona emigrated from Jamaica to the UK. In this recording, she describes her journey – and her first impressions of London.

Denis’s story

"They gave me a job in the railway and my job first Monday morning was cleaning lamps. I was up a ladder in King's Cross station and four weeks previous I was a farm labourer [in Ireland]."

Originally from County Cork in Ireland, Denis came to London in 1960. Here, he shares how he started his career in King’s Cross station, worked his way up through the ranks of the Post Office and discusses the importance of hobbies.

Teresa’s story

“I was clinging on to my brother for dear life, thinking we were going to crash.”

Teresa and her siblings were apprehensive when they embarked on their first ever flight to celebrate their parents’ wedding anniversary. But, a turbulent journey left a lasting impression…

Eileen’s story

“On one particular night, there was a jazz band coming to do some gigs in London and we all stayed on deck all night with the music playing.”

At the age of 18, Eileen sailed to Fishguard from County Cork – a journey she would do on numerous occasions. In this recording, she gives an insight into the crossing and the places she saw.

Rosa’s story

“It turned out to be a terrible journey. Not only was I sad at leaving all the family […] but the sea was rough."

When Rosa and her children emigrated from Ireland to London to join her husband, she found the homesickness hard to deal with. From making friends to visiting London landmarks, she shares her experiences.

Colleen on her mother’s story

“In order to start a new life, my parents had to find the funds. So, they went about selling every item of furniture they possessed, to find the passage fare to fly to the UK.”

In search of opportunities for their family, Colleen’s parents left Jamaica in 1959 to begin their life in the UK. From the upheaval of moving to racism, Colleen reveals some of the difficulties her mother encountered.

A watercolour image of two people sitting at Liverpool Wharf amongst their suitcases, one holds an umbrella.

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