Our Ocean, Our Planet is an online space at Royal Museums Greenwich dedicated to exploring the climate crisis, sustainability and our changing relationship with the ocean. 

We publish original articles, interviews, photo essays and videos, all designed to help connect our history as a seafaring species with contemporary environmental and maritime issues.  

How can I get involved?

We are always looking for writers and contributors who are able to offer a thoughtful perspective on these themes. 

We are currently looking for submissions for the following formats:

  • Changes I sea A personal meditation on our changing relationship with the ocean. This is about lived experience: the feelings and memories that rivers, coastlines, seas or oceans conjure for you, and why that bond may be changing – or breaking. Typically 500-700 words, plus one accompanying image or short video snippet.

  • Deep read An extended analysis of one aspect of maritime history, climate science or ocean culture. Writers or interview subjects should be able to explain their work and insight to a broad audience, confronting tricky subjects in interesting, accessible ways. Typically 1000+ words.

  • Photo essay A collection of images and captions that together offer a unique window into ocean life or culture. These could be photographs you have taken yourself, or images of objects and works from the Museum's collections. At least five images required.

We are also looking for suggestions for the following video series: 

  • Object in focus Short films that use Museum objects to inform current environmental or maritime issues. The objects chosen should tell us something surprising about our history, and demonstrate how the past can help us understand our ocean today.

To submit an idea, please send a short pitch (no more than 350 words) using the form below, including an outline of the story and why you could be best placed to tell it.

Think carefully about why your idea is right for Our Ocean, Our Planet, and which of the formats above might work best.

The time from pitch to publication will typically be 1-2 months, although we may hold back certain pieces or films to coincide with notable events. 

Which formats are you interested in? (tick all that apply)