Paddy Hartley is an artist working in ceramic, fabric and assemblage who explores themes of memorialisation and remembrance and the origins of World War I reconstruction.

Paddy's residency at Royal Museums Greenwich

Paddy’s ‘Project Façade' series is a dedicated period of research into the Gillies archive, documenting the work of Sir Harold Gillies who carried out pioneering life changing and lifesaving surgery for servicemen in World War I who had experienced catastrophic facial injuries.

An artist works on a uniform

During his residency, Paddy focussed on two men, Walter Yeo and William Vicarage, who both had strong connections to the National Maritime Museum and both veterans of the Battle of Jutland. Walter Yeo was a student at the Royal Hospital School, now the National Maritime Museum and the Museum holds records of the ship William Vicarage was on board when he was injured. Vicarage was also a young watchmaker before the war.

Paddy created new works while in residence in collaboration with the families of the men he traced – a set of embroidered clothing documenting Walter Yeo’s life before and after the war and ceramic pieces representing the injuries William Vicarage sustained denying him to further his career as a watch maker after the war.

Finding Walter Yeo and William Vicarage

Paddy Hartley gives an insight into the lives of the World War I servicemen — and how they influenced his art. 

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