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The National Maritime Museum accepts no responsibility for any arrangement made with independent researchers. Such arrangements, including the nature and extent of the work commissioned, is a purely private matter between the enquirer and the independent researcher. The National Maritime Museum cannot arbitrate on matters of conflict between enquirers and independent researchers.


As the fees charged by researchers vary greatly the Museum cannot offer any estimate of cost. Please note that some researchers make a charge for preliminary research in advance of accepting a commission.

Writing to a researcher

If you are writing from within the United Kingdom please ensure that you enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope when writing to a researcher. If you are writing from overseas, please ensure that you enclose a self-addressed envelope and a sufficient number of International Reply Coupons.

List of researchers

Timothy Akers, MA, BSc. Hons

Consultant Maritime Research Archaeologist

Address: 11 Gascoigne Crescent, High Harrogate, HG1 4AJ UK

Phone: +44 (0)1423 536854

E-mail: TAShipfinder09@talktalk.net

Telephone: 01423 536854 is an answer machine 24-7, if I'm in I'll answer once you start to leave a message.

Subjects: Maritime vessels archaeological and historical 5000BC-1947AD. Plan, chart, print and photo searches maritime related. Wreck hunting. Early history of the diver. U-boat war, RN, other nation submarines, midgets.

Len Barnett, MA

Address: Flat B; 26 Holmewood Gardens, London, SW2 3RS

E-mail: len@barnettmaritime.co.uk

Website: www.barnettmaritime.co.uk

As well as tracing mariners’ careers, I am well versed in deeper investigation. On the military side I routinely deal with operational aspects (especially of the twentieth century wars). On the civil side, I have not inconsiderable experience of business records. Seamanship and social matters are also important elements of my expertise.

Subjects: Civilian mariners in British service (mercantile, whaling, fishing & pilotage): c.1835 to c.1972; Royal Navy and Royal Marines: c.1793 to c.1945; all the R.N.’s and RM’s Reserves from the R.N.R. and R.N.V.R. and Coastguard to the decidedly esoteric, as appropriate; British Mariners in India, both the United East India Company (Maritime Service and ‘Bombay Marine’); and subsequently the multifarious organisations in armed service during the Raj period from H.M. Indian Navy to the Royal Indian Navy and their Reserves: c.1760 to 1947 as appropriate.

Dr Stuart C. Blank

Member of Nautical Archaeology Society and Orders and Medals Research Society

Address: Military Archive Research, PO Box 356, Paignton, Devon, UK, TQ3 1WZ

E-mail: enquiries@MilitaryArchiveResearch.com

Website: www.MilitaryArchiveResearch.com

Research interests and specialisations - The Royal Navy and its associated forces (RNR, RNVR etc) – genealogy and operations; The Royal Marines – genealogy and operations; The Merchant Navy – genealogy and operations; Indian Navy / (Honourable) East India Company – genealogy and operations; General naval research; Other military research (e.g. medals); Nautical Archaeology

Publications - Researching British Military History on the Internet; Currently writing a book on researching the Royal Navy

Nicholas Dixon, BA (Hons), MPhil, PhD

Genealogist and House Historian

Email: mail@drnicholasdixon.com

Website: drnicholasdixon.com

I am a professional genealogist with a particular interest in maritime records, including those predating the registration of merchant seamen from 1835. I can utilise a vast range of sources in investigating British mariners and their ships. The list of subjects is intended to give an idea of my specialisms but is not exhaustive. Please see my website for more information.

Subjects: Careers of British merchant sea captains and mariners; Royal Navy personnel; British merchant ships and their voyages; British ship-owners; maritime families in London, East Anglia and Yorkshire; records of apprenticeships; records in the National Archives; nautical connections with royalty; Royal Navy chaplains; the Napoleonic wars; War of 1812.

Brian Horton

Address: 3 St. Ambrose Green, Oxenturn Road, Wye, Ashford, Kent TN25 5AG

Tel: 01233 812463

Mobile: 07969 466445

E-mail: horton1805@hotmail.com

Subjects: Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force; Merchant Navy; Medal research; Genealogy.

Keith Langridge, BA (Hons), MRIN, AMIMarEST

Tel/Fax: 02085 993833

Mobile: 07950 599399

E-mail: doxfordkfl@yahoo.co.uk

Subjects: marine engineering; naval architecture and shipbuilding from early steam and motorships to present; Naval and mercantile engineering applicable to ocean ships down to private motorboats and yachts; National and world lighthouses and authorities; pharology and Trinity House history; Naval and mercantile ship losses of WWI and WW2; Research into ship disasters and their causes.

John Robinson, RD, BA (Econ), FMA

Address: 46 Tredegar Square, London E3 5AE

Tel/ Fax: 02089 815510 ; 01453 822908

E-mail: rob.crusoe@btopenworld.com

Subjects: 19th and 20th century steam navigation