When is the Caird Library open?

The Caird Library and Archive is open from 10.00-16.45, Tuesday - Friday.

How do I book an appointment?

At the moment, it is not necessary to make an appointment to visit the Caird Library, but pre-ordering items so they are ready for your arrival is recommended.

To book your appointment please follow the three steps below:

  1. Register with Aeon, our online ordering system - or use your existing account
  2. Search our online catalogues and use the “order” / "request" button to schedule the date and time of the items you would like to see. You can order up to 10 items per visit.
  3. E-mail Library staff at library@rmg.co.uk if you have further questions about your order.  

Archive Catalogue  |   Library Catalogue

When you order items using the Aeon ordering system, staff will be able to monitor what dates and items you have requested. If there are any issues with the orders, for example, if they are stored offsite or are unfit for production, we will contact you. You will also be able to see the status of your order in your Aeon account. 

It is no longer necessary to book a timed admission ticket to enter the museum when you wish to visit the library. 

What happens when I arrive?

If this is your first visit, you will be asked to present two pieces of identification, one with a signature and one with a photo and address. This will complete the registration process. Then you will be directed to your seat in the quiet study area and your items will be ready for your research day. If you have any questions about your order, or need assistance on the day, please do not hesitate to approach a member of staff. 

How often can I visit?

There are no restrictions on how frequently you can visit. However, there are restrictions on the times of ordering items. If you would like to order additional items during the day of your visit, please complete these before 1 o'clock.

How to register

To register and to request items to view you will need to use the Library's online request  system, Aeon.

Register or Login

How to register

Preparing for your visit

We have prepared some more detailed guides to visiting the Caird Library during 2021 which can be found via the links below.

Based on the latest Government guidance, all visitors to Royal Museums Greenwich sites, including the Caird Library, should wear a face covering unless exempt for health reasons.

Access Policy

For a full description of our services, how we operate and our conditions of use please see the Caird Library and Archive Access Policy

Please note that although we hold many collections, maritime history research can be time-consuming so do allow plenty of time for your visit.

Caird Library and Archive

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