The introduction of new ideas and ways of seeing things is vital to the life-blood of the Conservation and Preservation Department. One of the ways in which we achieve this is by offering placements to students as part of an established conservation programme and to interns who have finished their training and need practical experience.

Contribute to preserving the nation's heritage

It is also essential for the conservation profession to train and prepare new conservators to preserve the nation’s heritage. The trainees in turn bring a fresh outlook and enthusiasm, challenging us to consider their new ideas and how we approach our treatments.

Valuable experience and support

For the student/intern it is a chance to experience a national museum’s distinct culture, practice skills acquired during their programme and be guided by experienced hands in the department. They will also be mentored in their career direction. They may also be asked to carry out a condition survey of discrete collections, developing and implementing conservation plans.

Applying for places

Internships tend to be funded and are advertised in our Jobs and Volunteering section. If you are interested in a student placements within the Conservation and Preservation department, please get in touch.

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