A carved flask made from a coconut depicting naval operations against the French in the West Indies during the American War of Independence. The eyes at the top of the nut have been formed into a bearded mask, with one enlarged into a mouth. The base is carved with a flaming sun. The sides are divided into two panels covering the entire surface.

One side depicts the landing of troops at St Kitts in January 1782 and Hood's fleet. It is inscribed: 'Landing ye, 28 & 69 Regs. on St. Kitts 28 Jan. 82', 'the Frigates covering the Troops in landing', 'THE ENGLISH LINE OF 22 SAIL.' Earlier that month, Grasse's fleet had covered a French landing on St Kitts, the British garrison holding out on Brimstone Hill. Rear-Admiral Sir Samuel Hood succeeded in outmanoeuvring the French commander and Hood's ships replaced the French in their former anchorage in Basseterre Roads. Hood however did not have enough troops to effectively re-enforce the besieged garrison which surrendered on the 13 February. His ships had to make a stealthy escape under cover of darkness a day later.

Object Details

ID: OBJ0481
Type: Flask
Display location: Display - Atlantic Gallery
Events: American War of Independence: Battle of Saint Kitts, 1782; American War of Independence: Battle of the Saints, 1782
Vessels: Diadem fl.1782 (French navy); Glorieux (captured 1782) Formidable (1777)
Date made: circa 1782
Exhibition: The Atlantic: Slavery, Trade, Empire; War and Conflict
People: Rodney, George Brydges
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Measurements: Overall: 108 mm x 100 mm

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