Hanger, the hilt of the hanger consists of a stirrup guard, pierced for a sword knot close to the pommel. The hanger has large oval langets, which are decorated with a naval trophy consisting of flags, cannon's and an anchor. The pommel is undecorated. The back-piece has simple fluted decoration and there is a disc-shaped finial. The black fish-skin grip is bound with three gilt wires. The steel blade is very curved, flat-backed with a broad, shallow fuller running for three-quarters of its length.

The blade is decorated with etched dull and bright work. The obverse of the blade is decorated with strap work, foliage, a depiction of a helmeted female in classical dress thought to be Britannia, holding a spear in her right hand, and her left hand resting on a shield. The obverse of the blade is also decorated with rays and foliage motifs, a trophy consisting of shields, flags, pikes and a cannon, and floral scroll motifs. The reverse of the blade is decorated with a scallop shell with a stippled background, a half-flower, leaves, floral scrollwork, a trophy consisting of flags, pikes, drums, a cannon, a shield and a plumed helmet, a canopy, what is probably a tobacco plant and leaves.

The black leather scabbard, has gilt lockets, rings and chape. The rings are fixed, and when the National Maritime received the hanger a chain, which has now been removed, joined them. The mounts are decorated with threads and there is a slight shoe on the chape. The hilt of the hanger is like the 1805 pattern stirrup hilt used by Lieutenants and Midshipmen, except for the decoration on the langets. It is possible that one of the regulation hilts was used to re-hilt the hanger blade.

Object Details

ID: WPN1527
Collection: Weapons
Type: Hanger
Display location: Not on display
Creator: Unknown
Date made: circa 1810
People: Britannia
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
Measurements: Blade: 603 x 32 mm
Parts: Hanger

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