The Mercantile Navy List, compiled by the Registrar General of Shipping and Seamen, was first published from 1849 to 1855, and annually thereafter from 1857 until 1976 (with supplements up to the end of 1977); excluding 1941 to 1946, during the Second World War. Monthly supplements were issued under various titles from 1886.


As the official, comprehensive listing of all merchant vessels registered under the British flag, it is one of the most important reference tools for anyone researching the history of British merchant shipping, and includes many ships not listed in its nearest equivalent, Lloyd's Register.

It provides basic information on each ship, which can be used to trace other records and to compile an outline history of a ship and its owners. Early volumes also include useful appendices, such as lists of pilots, receivers of wreck, and obituaries, and records of awards and testimonials for services at sea.


Although a basic reference source, it is considerably rarer than Lloyd’s Register or other equivalent series, such as the (Royal) Navy List. Only a few near-complete sets exist; even the British Library set is missing two volumes. The National Maritime Museum editions cover the period from 1857 to 1976.

The Mercantile Navy List provides a comprehensive index to ships' official numbers from 1849 to 1976, and an index to certificates of competency up to 1864.

The same numbering system is used for crew lists and certificates held at The National Archives and in other repositories, making the Mercantile Navy List a primary resource for searching maritime records.

Access Online or in Print

The Mercantile Navy List is available to consult in the Caird Library & Archive reading room. These books are on open shelves and do not need to be ordered. 

Online: Please visit where there is a list available to consult the entire issues of the Mercantile Navy List. 

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