The Museum also has a large collection of books on the history of famous shipping companies, such as Cunard, P&O and the White Star line.

Shipping Company records held by the National Maritime Museum

  • Adam & Co Ltd Business records 1825–1914
  • Albyn Line Ltd Business records from 1966 Voyage records from 1953–66
  • Asiatic Steam Navigation Co Ltd Directors' minute books 1878-1968 Annual accounts 1878–1965
  • Bates, Edward & Sons Business records 1869–1916 Cargo records 1870–96 Letter, primarily personal, 1878–1902
  • British India Steam Navigation Co Business records from 1856 Staff records 1868–1957 (some restrictions on access)
  • Cairn Line of Steamships Ltd Business records from 1891 Voyage records 1908–51
  • Canadian Pacific Railway Co Small number of log books 1901–13
  • Chine Shipping Co Ltd Business records from 1915 Ship records 1958–68
  • Coast Lines Ltd Business records from 1913 (earlier for subsidiaries) Various voyage records, 1868–1963 excluding 1939–45
  • Denny, William and Brothers Ltd Technical records. Photograph albums and press cuttings 1881–1957
  • Devitt & Moore Business records 1903–20 Staff records 1864–1917 Vessel records/voyage books 1859–1921
  • Eastern & Australian Steamship Co Business records 1873–1953
  • Furness Withy & Co Ltd Business records from 1911 (including subsidiaries)
  • General Steam Navigation Co Ltd Business records 1825–1965 Business records for three companies acquired by GSN: Moss Hutchinson Ltd, New Medway Steam Packet Co, and Grand Union (Shipping) Ltd
  • Henley, Michael & Son Business records 1771–1830 Ships records 1784–1830
  • Houlder Brothers & Co Ltd Movement books 1920–30 Charter parties 1949–50 Voyage estimates 1965–67
  • Kellock, CW & Co Business records 1850–1949
  • Manchester Ship Canal Co Business records 1879–1956
  • New Zealand Shipping Co Ltd Business records 1874–1964 Outward passenger books 1894–1955 (unindexed, names only) Voyage records 1883–1971
  • Nourse, James Ltd Business records 1903–63
  • Orient Steam Navigation Co Business records 1945–65
  • Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co Business records 1840–1959 Staff records (restricted access) 1845–1957
  • Royal Mail Steam Packet Company Business records 1839–1933
  • Shaw Saville & Albion Company Ltd Business records primarily 1947–65 Voyage records 1900–72
  • South Western Steam Packet Co Business records 1843–83
  • Strick, Frank C & Co Ltd Business records 1896–1974 Some voyage records 1969–71
  • Sutherland, BJ & Company Ltd Business records 1909–54
  • Toyne Carter & Co Business records 1921–75 Voyage records 1899–1972
  • Van Ommern Ltd Business records 1940–68

If the company you are looking for is not listed here, please consult: 

The shipbuilding industry : a guide to historical records by L.A. Ritchie

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