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Five aircraft studies: a Bristol Fighter and four (in pencil) of flying boats (PAF0757)

4 November 2020

Mark Benson from the Caird Archive and Library explores the logbook of Captain Albert James Enstone - a pilot with the Royal Naval Air Service during the First World War.

'Invincible and Inflexible steaming out of Port Stanley in Chase' the start of the Battle of the Falkland Islands, 8 December 1914_tile.jpg

4 November 2020

At 11pm on 4 August 1914 the Admiralty sent the signal ‘Commence Hostilities with Germany’ and the Royal Navy’s part in the First World War began.

A record of 104 library boxes supplied to steamships at Tilbury during 1891-92..jpg

21 September 2020

In this blog we take a look at a handwritten diary by the clergy of the St Andrew’s Waterside Church Mission between 1887-1905. While seamen have faced many dangers and uncertainties at sea, mission societies such as St Andrew’s have supported and cared for their welfare through religious services and the provision of books - both at sea and on land.

The front cover of the 1894 edition of Cookery for Seamen

11 September 2020

In this blog we highlight a little cookery book which provides a glimpse into the types of meals eaten at sea in the last years of Queen Victoria’s reign and which also reflects the change in status of ships’ cooks.

The Dreadnought, 104 Guns, until recently lying off Greenwich

3 September 2020

In this blog we take a look at the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded collaborative research project titled HMS NHS: The Nautical Health Service and the importance of digital and online volunteer projects to make Archive and Library records more widely accessible to the public.

BHC1635 - D-Day, D-Day landing craft going in to the beaches.jpg

8 May 2020

Merchant Seamen death records are key resources for anyone hoping to understand the history of the Merchant Navy during the Second World War.

The British Empire blog

28 April 2020

In this blog we uncover some of the stories which our archives can tell us of the dangers of working in the British Empire in the service of the East India Company.


3 February 2020

In March 2016 I released a Call for Participation asking Royal Navy personnel to share their stories of shipboard entertainment. One naval theatrical tradition I wanted to learn more about was ‘Crossing the Line’.

Coffee House in Salisbury Market Place (caricature).jpg

21 January 2020

As long as there have been military campaigns there has been espionage. Here we look at some examples of written intelligence from spies which can be found in the Caird Library and Archive. 

HMS Campeltown at St Nazaire

14 January 2020

This month we look into Archive and Library item ADL/Q/72, papers relating to the award of the Distinguished Service Cross to Lieutenant R.T.C. Worsley DSC, RNVR, for bravery while serving as a Gunnery Officer aboard MGB314, in March 1942 participating in ‘Operation Chariot’.