Our sessions look a little different at the moment but don't worry, we are still here ready to run a huge range of educational sessions for you and your students.

Managing your booking

Our booking process is pretty similar to booking on-site visits. Here is a breakdown of the stages:

1. Decide what sessions you want to book.  We have online workshops and planetarium shows to choose from, you can find the details below:

2. Decide what dates you would like.  Our programmes run at different times: 

  • Royal Observatory Greenwich
    • KS2/KS3/KS4/Post-16 workshops and planetarium shows: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday during term time.
    • EYFS/KS1 storytelling sessions: Wednesdays during term time.
    • KS4/Post-16 masterclasses: Thursdays during term time.
  • National Maritime Museum/The Queens House/Cutty Sark and The Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre - we run sessions Monday to Friday.

It is always good to have a few dates in mind as the programme gets super busy.  Please note we cannot take bookings with less than a weeks notice.

3. Get in touch.  Our bookings team have created a quick and easy form to fill in here. This means we can cut down on lots of the emails because you will have supplied the information we need right at the beginning. Our bookings team will then take you through the booking process and answer any questions you have.

4. Safeguarding.  As our sessions now run online there are different things to consider when it comes to keeping your students safe.  Before your booking can be confirmed we ask you to read our online safeguarding policy and fill out the Online Learning Agreement to show you accept the terms of the session.

Complete the Online Learning Agreement

5. Have fun!  That is it, pretty easy right?  All that is left to do is enjoy the sessions.  Afterwards we will point you in the direction of lots of different resources to use to follow up the session should you want to.


You are legally responsible for your group at all times. Please ensure that you have sufficient staff on every digital session with your group.  If students are joining from home please be sure to pass all relevant information on to their parents:

  • Sessions to be streamed in school - At least one member of teaching staff must be in the session at all times.  Pupils will not be allowed access into sessions until there is sufficient teacher or group leader supervision.
  • For students joining a session from home aged -
    • 0-7 years must have an adult with them at all times.
    • 7-13 years must have an adult within the same social space of their home at all times.
    • 14-18 years must join the session from a social space in their home.

Follow-on resources

We have some amazing online resources to follow on from your visit, you can find out more below: