Cabin fever: Maritime Home Learning

Explore some of our best learning resources and activities for all ages from the comfort of your home. 

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Primary resources

Write a story

Explore our collections to inspire stories of piracy, exploration and shipwrecks on the high seas.

Our Stories from the Sea resources were developed with writers and teachers and are suitable for children aged 3-11 years.

You’ll find films, activities, resources and useful links - everything you need to create your own adventure story. 

Create your own adventure story

Captain the Cutty Sark

Children on Cutty Sark

Our Cutty Sark Learning resources are designed with the help of teachers for primary school children. Activities include:

  • Writing a letter from ship to shore 
  • Keeping a ship’s log
  • Designing your own figurehead
  • Practical science activities based on what makes the ship go.

Download your Cutty Sark activity pack

Secondary resources

Explore a painting

The Armada Portrait of Elizabeth I is packed full of symbolism

Watch expert films and discover the meanings behind mermaids, ruffs and pelicans.


What symbols would you include in your own portrait?

Play a game inspired by the Armada Portrait 

Cut up the cards and learn more about Queen Elizabeth I.

PDF icon The Armada Portrait Game 

Make a film 

Watch three films sharing local stories and using the National Maritime Museum and June Givanni Pan African Archives to explore ethnicity, identity and migration.

Each film has been produced and edited by local Young Volunteer Filmmakers aged 15-19 years old.


These are their stories, what are yours? 

Black history through art 

Watch a spoken word performance 

Poet Tatianna Ellis performs her powerful piece inspired by the biography of Olaudah Equiano - African, slave, author, abolitionist.


Create your own spoken word performance

Learn what spoken word is and in three simple steps you can create your own.

Share your spoken word poems with us. 

All ages

Colour in the Armada Portrait 

Think you can do better? Have a go!

PDF icon Colour in the Armada Portrait

Colour in Armada image

Enter a coding competition

If you're missing our Coder Dojo sessions you can still get creative from home, and enter our competition, inspired by the Maiden. 

Find out more and enter

Other sites and topics

Journey into space

Stars and the H-R Diagram

Discover learning resources and activities from the astronomy education team at the Royal Observatory.

Find out more about learning at home with the Royal Observatory