Captain Richard Woodget was born in 1845 and his maritime career began in 1861, just before his fifteenth birthday. Woodget had a very successful career as a master on board a variety of different ships, and it wasn’t until he was nearly 40 that he became Captain of the Cutty Sark. He was to be the Cutty Sark’s last Master under the British flag in the nineteenth century, and it was Woodget who pushed the ship to her limits and achieved the Cutty Sark’s fastest voyages. He was fearless but never reckless, and he had more faith in the ship than any who had gone before him. He was captain for ten voyages, more than any of his predecessors.

Life as a ship's captain

Take a tour of Cutty Sark, learn about its history and listen to the extraordinary stories that happened on board.

Falling overboard

From treacherous waves to strong winds, learn about the dangers the crew experienced on board Cutty Sark.

Dares on Cutty Sark

Hear about a terrifying dare given to an apprentice called 'Squeaker'. 

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