During the 2021 Summer holiday our Young Creatives took part in the inaugural Rethink Residency, led by Artists Bhavesh Hindocha and Geoff Johnston. Exploring and reimagining the museum alongside each other, they devised a new series of questions for our visitors, inviting a critical eye on the role a museum plays and the objects it houses. Inspired by these questions, the group worked collaboratively to realise a new series of artworks for the space, which are on display for the next few months.

A group of young people in the Samy Ofer Wing lounge working on the Rethink Residency

Collage, from the French: Coller, meaning ‘to glue’ or ‘stick together’ is a medium that combines multiple images to create a new whole. Here the images of the collection appear stuck together to produce new meanings and provoke new ways of thinking and interpreting the museum and its collection, through the eyes and minds of our Young Creatives.


Image of 3 collages on wall of Rethink Space

My highlight is that I learned how to be creative and how to explain my views and opinions through making, I really enjoyed it!

Young Person from Summer Project 2021

I love how it was collaboration and we got to work with each other. I want to come to more projects like this, cause its really beneficial and we don’t learn such things in school

Young Person from Summer Project 2021

Young Creatives

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