In July 2022, our Young Creatives undertook our ‘Rethink Residency’, based in the Sammy Ofer Wing at the National Maritime Museum. The space, devised in 2019 as a follow on from the RETHINK gallery, was established to continue to collect visitor voices and feedback. Young People’s voices are an important part of this work.

What did the residency involve?


Creative workshops

Over a week-long period, a group of young people aged 15-18 from the Greenwich Borough took part in a series of creative workshops that sought to rethink the museum and its current collections. Exploring and re-imagining the museum alongside each other, they devised a new series of questions for our visitors, inviting a critical eye on the role a museum plays and the objects it houses, and how objects can call for personal responses.

They worked with visual artist Charlotte Grayland, who programmed a week of collage, drawing, photography, soundscapes, painting, printing, badge making and zine making.

Young Creatives Work 2

The zines and accompanying artworks displayed in the Rethink space provoke new ways of thinking and interpreting the museum and its collection, through the eyes and minds of our Young Creatives.

You can find the display near the Parkside entrance from Wednesday 9 November.


Listen to the soundscape the group made here:

Public announcements

Young Creatives Work

As part of the week, the group observed visitors to the museum and came up with their own set of instructions that were read out as a public announcement:


Instructions for Museum Visitors


I would like the little girl to point at the boat painting 

You need to smile at all times 

Draw Pictures 

Remember what you see 

Look at Everything 

Give us your best dance 

Wave at a stranger 

Pretend you're a boat 

Use the exhibition room as a catwalk 

Say hello to every portrait

Speak loudly in the room you're in

Smell something 

Put your hands on your head 

Clap or hum to Music

Look in the mirror and check yourself out

And lastly, don’t forget to blink

Information about the project

Young Creatives: Thawale, Rhianna, Serena, Serra, Linh, Tejasvi, Praise, Tee & Maddison

The Young Creatives project takes place three times per year (Summer holidays, October and February half-terms), and is a free offer for young people.

Project facilitated and curated by Charlotte Grayland

Funded by Young Greenwich and Charlton Athletic Community Trust

Young Creatives

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