School visits 2023-24

Bookings are now open for the 2023-2024 academic year! 

Due to the popularity of our programme, our KS2 Discovery Day programme is fully booked for the 2023 Autumn term. Slots are still available on our EYFS and Secondary programme. There is also availability for Planetarium show only sessions, as well as for our Digital Outreach programme for all key stages.

Bookings for January to July 2024 are now open for all Key Stages.

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Onsite school sessions 2023-24

Looking for learning sessions that are out of this world? Then look no more! The Royal Observatory's onsite learning programme includes astronomer-led workshops and live planetarium shows, and we have offers available for every key stage.

Can't make an onsite visit? No worries - we'll be running some digital outreach sessions for schools who are unable to visit us.

The James Webb Space Telescope image of the Carina Nebula, showing clouds of gas and dust in this stellar nursery
James Webb Space Telescope image of the Carina Nebula. Image Credit: NASA, ESA, CST and STSci

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Take a look at our planning guide, which tells you all you need to know about our programme and a guide for planning your trip to us. 

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How to book an onsite session

Due to popularity, Key Stage 2 Discovery Day sessions in Autumn term 2023 are now sold out. There is good availability for all Key Stages for visits in January - July 2024.  

Our Programme Explained

Who develops and runs the sessions?

The sessions are run by our real astronomers so there is always an expert available to ask any questions. Our content is developed by the astronomy education team in collaboration with our teacher forum. All sessions are tested and evaluated with the teacher forum and also with school groups to ensure that the content developed is exactly what teachers are looking for and what students will thoroughly enjoy! 

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Do you come out to schools?

We are unable to offer physical outreach sessions at the moment, but we are running a digital outreach programme

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Are there activities that can follow on from my visit?

Yes - LOTS.  On our website you will find information about: our Teacher Forum, free teacher training sessions - both onsite and online, a growing collection of podcasts, blogs along with curriculum-linked classroom resources, animated videos.

Get involved - blogs, podcasts and our Teacher's forum