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Key Stage Key Stage 2
School Subject Communication, Geography, History

This is a collection of six audio resources, each with accompanying images and information. They were made in collaboration with members of the Caribbean Social Forum (CSF) in conversation with children from local primary schools. 

The children and CSF elders spoke together about their experiences and knowledge of Windrush and what it was like as a young person starting a new life in a new country.

They looked at objects from the Caribbean, which sparked questions and dialogue.

Episode list:

Funded by Spirit of 2012.

Listen to the conversations

Click the videos below to play each audio resource in turn. What connections will you make?

Episode 1: St William of York with Peggy and Jocelyn

Jocelyn and Peggy share their experiences of moving to the UK, highlighting the challenges of adjusting to the different climate and lifestyle. Jocelyn recounts her journey as a nine-year-old child, acclimatizing to the contrasting lifestyle of the United Kingdom, while Peggy shares her experiences as a young woman who embarked on a life-altering voyage to the UK. Both women delve into their challenges in adapting to the British cold, and candidly reflect on their personal stories.

Episode 2: St Joseph’s Greenwich with Dolly and Pauline

In this episode we meet Dolly and Pauline, who discuss their journeys to the UK, family separations and career aspirations. Pauline thinks back on her journey to the United Kingdom, which included separations and then later reunions with family. Dolly, originally hailing from Trinidad, shares her aspirations of becoming a nurse. Both women discuss the enduring connection to Caribbean cuisine close to their hearts.

Episode 3: James Wolfe with Velmar and Tony

Velmar and Tony share narratives of moving from their Caribbean homelands to the United Kingdom. Velmar, a native of Grenada, and Tony, who hails from St. Vincent, delve into their experiences, including their love for Caribbean cuisine. They also recount their early days of schooling in the UK, where they were among very few Caribbean students.

Episode 4: Our Lady and St Philip Neri with Ladd and Pamela

Ladd and Pamela share their stories of moving to the UK at a young age. Pamela reflects on the profound experience of leaving behind her younger siblings to join her mother, while Ladd discusses how sports helped him to find a sense of belonging in his new home. Both of them discuss their encounters with the British cold and express how both the UK and the Caribbean both hold a special place in their hearts, having moved home during their formative years.

Episode 5: Tidemill Academy with Beulah and Jean

In this episode Beulah and Jean share their compelling experiences as newcomers to the UK. Beulah reminisces about her initial days, missing her grandmother and encountering a dramatically different urban landscape upon arrival. Jean, who arrived in the UK during chilly December, narrates her childhood experiences adapting to the cold and the unexpected extension of her stay in the UK.

Episode 6: Tidemill Academy with Keith and Dolcie

 In this episode Keith and Dolcie reflect on their experiences dealing with prejudice in the UK. Keith shares his prior aspirations of becoming a farmer and his journey from battling the weather to working for Transport for London. Dolcie recounts the gripping story of her arrival, which was marked by a plane diversion due to heavy fog and a nerve-wracking journey across London on the Victoria line. She also discusses her dream of becoming a nurse, a goal she believes might not have been attainable had she remained in Jamaica.

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