The guides, trails and activities below introduce the Royal Observatory Greenwich, both past and present. And they feature some quick facts and mini activities for your students to enrich their visit. If it is quick activities you are looking for then you can download individual activities from the tables at the bottom of this page instead.

New school trails

We'll be adding some brand new school trails (EYFS/KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4/Post-16) for the ROG North site over the summer - so check back here soon to download and print them ready for your school visit in 2021-22!

Primary - guides and trails

Secondary - guides and trails

Please note that the Weller Astronomy Galleries (which include Astronomy Questions, Astronomy Explores and Astronomy Inspires) are currently closed.

Primary school activities

1 Meridian gallery Search for telescopes big and small
1 Time & Greenwich See what the inside of a giant clock is like and how it works
2 Octagon Room Explore geometry in what was once the Great Star Room
2 Time & Greenwich Learn how ships on the Thames set their clocks to Greenwich time
2   Learn about the Herschel family and find astronomical items
1 Astronomy Questions; Astronomy Explores Look for objects related to space. Find a Martian spacecraft
1 Astronomy Questions; Astronomy Explores; Astronomy Inspires Find things linked to space such as telescope mirrors and space rocks
2 Astronomy Explores; Astronomy Inspires Build a space probe to explore a planet, moon or comet. Learn how astronomers explore the Solar System
2 Astronomy Questions; Astronomy Explores; Astronomy Inspires Learn how we discover things about the Universe such as alien worlds

Secondary school activities

Teacher's answers for Secondary Visit Guide and Activities

3 Astronomy Inspires; Astronomy Explores; Astronomy Questions Learn about the importance of using all types of light to explore the Universe
3 Astronomy Questions; Astronomy Inspires; Astronomy Explores Find out how astronomers investigate space
3 Astronomy Explores; Astronomy Questions Learn about why astronomers use the whole electromagnetic spectrum to explore the Universe
4 Astronomy Inspires; Astronomy Explores Discover the origin of the Solar System and how we know what stars are made of
4 Astronomy Inspires; Astronomy Explores Become a science journalist and write about a chosen topic
4 Astronomy Questions  
3 Great Equatorial Telescope Think like an astronomer with the Great Equatorial Telescope 
3 Time & Longitude* Find out about time zones and how they work
3 Time & Longitude* Learn about John Harrison's special sea clocks and how they regulated time
4 Meridian gallery Explore the link between time and the stars
4 Altazimuth Pavilion Discover the nature of the Sun and calculate its properties