Across the Seas is an intergenerational project that worked with elders from the Caribbean social forum and young people from Greenwich. 

Over the October 2020 half term, the young people interviewed the elders on their experience of coming to the UK - to share stories, learn about the past and seek out commonalities and differences across generations.

Working alongside Artist Animator Jessica Ashman the young people learnt skills in stop motion animation which they then used to animate their interviews.

The project was generously supported by the Windrush grant.

Watch the final videos below, and listen to the audio recordings of the interviews to hear the groups in conversation.

Snippets of Zenith

Produced by Aman, Emma and Natalya 

Hear Aman, Emma and Natalya in conversation with Zenith

The Teddy Boys

Produced by Vladimira, Blessing and Alice

Hear Vladimira, Blessing and Alice in conversation with Doreen and Tracey

Dawn and Victor

Produced by Mikel and Deshon

Hear Mikel and Deshon in conversation with Dawn and Victor


Produced by Nola and Fey

Hear Nola and Fey in conversation with Kyunga


Produced by Sia, Mehida and Olaitan

Hear Sia, Mehida and Olaitan in conversation with Libby


The interview gave me a sense of realisation. Nothing is generational – what happened to the older generation repeats... Filmmaking has definitely gone up on the list of possible careers for me now

Young Person from October Half Term 2020

The young people were fantastic! They were very respectful and asked very pertinent and relevant questions. They also showed a lot of empathy... I thoroughly enjoyed talking to them

Member of the Caribbean Social Forum 2020

It's been really interesting and to have stories from lived experience and how this community have overcome adversity- its such a privilege to have been involved

Parent/ Carer from October half term 2020

Project partners