The Colossal Squid, or Antarctic Squid, is believed to be the largest squid.

Not a lot is known about them but scientists believe they eat smaller squid and large fish.

Did you know that it is thought that the Colossal Squid inspired old sailor tales of the Kraken and other sea monsters? 

Find out more about the Colossal Squid from our friends at Te Papa, the Musuem of New Zealand

Co-commissioned with the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust as part of its cultural programme Antarctica In Sight.

You will need:

2 loo rolls, Plastic packaging, string, Pen, Pencil and sharpener, Scissors, Plastic bottle tops, Egg box, Blue tac

Loo rolls

Plastic packaging - e.g. bread bags or string


Pencil and sharpener


Plastic bottle tops

Egg box

Blue tac

Step 1

Using the sharp pencil – make holes around the bottom edge of your loo roll, by pushing the point of the pencil through the cardboard into the blue tac on the other side. Push the pencil point through from the outside to make the hole bigger.

An image for 'Step 1'
Step 2

Cut plastic bags into long strips.

An image for 'Step 2'
Step 3

Thread the strips of plastic through the holes in the bottom of your loo roll and tie them in place.

An image for 'Step 3'
Step 4

Cut out one of the pointy bits from inside your egg box and push it into the top of your loo roll. 

An image for 'Step 4'
Step 5

Snip 1.5 cm down from the top of your point on opposite sides.

An image for 'Step 5'
Step 6

Flatten out your other loo roll. 

If you don't have a second loo roll, you could use card or a bit of cereal box. 

An image for 'Step 6'
Step 7

Draw this shape on the loo roll or card, and cut out.

An image for 'Step 7'
Step 8

Slot into the top of your squid head to made fins.

An image for 'Step 8'
Step 9

Cut two really long bits of bread bag (or an alternative you have at home) to make grabbing tentacles.

An image for 'Step 9'
Step 10

Pierce a hole through your plastic lid with scissors.

You will need to get an adult to help with this. 

An image for 'Step 10'
Step 11

Tie on to the bottom of the long tentacles - your grabbing suckers.

An image for 'Step 11'
Step 12

Draw on two big eyes to your loo roll, and your squid is ready to swim the ocean blue!

An image for 'Step 12'


Now you've made your very own colossal squid don't forget to share it with us on social media. 

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