Oceans are vital to the survival of the planet and it is important that we try to keep them clean and healthy. 

By keeping the oceans clean we help marine animals, corals, sea birds and much more. The oceans are magical habitats that need to be protected and celebrated. 

Be inspired by the magnificence of the oceans and create your own ocean in a bottle. Imagine you are relaxing at the seaside as you create your own waves at home. 

You will need:

measuring jog of water, blue food dye, plastic bottle, bottle of baby oil

An empty plastic bottle, with lid (reuse for this craft and don't forget to recycle when you're finished)

A jug of water

Baby oil

Blue food dye

Step 1

Fill your bottle, to just above half way, with your water.

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Step 2

Add drops of blue food dye to your water. We added four. For a lighter ocean, add one or two drops. 

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Step 3

Hold your bottle of water at an angle. Once the water has stilled, carefully pour in the baby oil. Keep adding the baby oil until your bottle is full.

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Step 4

Secure your lid and leave your bottle to stand for a few hours. Notice how the baby oil and the water do not mix together? The oil floats on top because it is less dense than water.

You can use strong glues or adhesives to secure the lid but make sure an adult helps with this. If you don't have these you can still make the craft but be careful not to spill your ocean!

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Step 5

Carefully tilt your bottle at different angles. The movement will create waves in the bottle. 

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Now you can enjoy your very own ocean in a bottle. You can share your ocean with us on social media.