Pride is an annual series of events that includes a parade celebrating the diversity and pride of the LGBTQ+ community. The National Maritime Museum recently acquired a new item into the collection, a 'Pride in Polar' badge.

Badge of a penguin and polar bear with rainbow flags on their stomachs


'Pride in Polar' is a network for the LGBTQIA+ communities within the Polar Research community. On the badge, the Penguin represents the Antarctic, the Polar Bear the Arctic, and the rainbow colours represent the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Create your own pride badge to show your support of the LGBTQ+ community.

You will need:

sheet of white paper, jam jar lids, glue, tape, scissors and coloured pens





Coloured pencils and pens

Safety pin

Clean jar lids

Step 1

Use a coloured pen to draw around your jar lids onto your sheet of paper.

An image for 'Step 1'

Step 2

Cut out your circle.

An image for 'Step 2'

Step 3

Think about an animal that might represent you. I was being a busy beetle working in the garden!

An image for 'Step 3'

Step 4

Show your pride by giving your creature a rainbow!

An image for 'Step 4'

Step 5

Glue the inside of your jam jar lid.

An image for 'Step 5'

Step 6

Stick your drawing into the jam jar lid.

An image for 'Step 6'

Step 7

Turn your lid over and tape a safety pin onto the lid.

An image for 'Step 7'

Step 8

Now you can wear your pride badge with pride!

An image for 'Step 8'


You can wear your badge to a pride event or just to show your support of the LGBTQ+ community at any time of year. Share your badge with us on social media