The Baltic Exchange window has been at the museum since 2005. The Baltic Exchange Memorial Glass comprises several stained glass windows designed by English artist John Dudley Forsyth. These were installed over a staircase at the Baltic Exchange in London in 1922, as a memorial to the members of the exchange who died while serving during WWI.

Stained glass window from the Baltic Exchange building, known as one of the Virtue windows. This was the central window in the war memorial at the Baltic Exchange. In Justice's right hand she holds a sword, which signifies the right of the law to exact punishment for offences, and in her left, scales which symbolize the impartiality with which justice is administered.

You will need:

coloured plastic materials, glue stick, cling film, tape

A window

Coloured plastic


Cling film



Step 1

On a window, tape out a square using masking tape.

An image for 'Step 1'
Step 2

Cut some shapes out of your coloured plastic bags.

Start to fill in the taped outline with your shapes using tape or glue.

An image for 'Step 2'
Step 3

Keep on adding different coloured squares to the bottom edge.

An image for 'Step 3'
Step 4

Cut out different shapes and patterns from different coloured plastic bags to create patterns. Try a star or a triangular border!

An image for 'Step 4'


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