2011 winning photographer Damian Peach went to great lengths to capture this remarkable image of Jupiter and its moons Io and Ganymede.

Jupiter with Io and Ganymede, September 2010 © Damian Peach

He explains, "This photograph was taken as part of a long series of images taken over a three-week period from the island of Barbados in the Caribbean – a location where the atmospheric clarity is frequently excellent, allowing very clear and detailed photographs of the planets to be obtained.

"I’ve been interested in astronomy since the age of ten and have specialised in photographing the planets for the last 14 years," Peach continues. "I’m very happy with the photo and wouldn’t really change any aspect of it."

Equipment used: Celestron 356mm Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope (C14); Point Grey Research Flea3 CCD camera

This is a truly incredible image of the planet Jupiter. Damian has even managed to capture detail on two of Jupiter’s moons! It’s truly astonishing to think that this was taken from the ground by an amateur astronomer using his own equipment


Pete Lawrence, competition judge

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