About the photo

"This is a picture of the 2015 solar eclipse as seen from Svalbard," says winning photographer Luc Jamet.

Eclipse Totality over Sassendalen © Luc Jamet

"Totality had begun 16 seconds before this picture was taken, about 100m over Sassendalen, Spitsbergen island. The photo is an HDR composition made from three takes. We can see clearly the lunar shadow’s edge in the sky. The bright spot in the upper left of the photo is Venus."

Equipment used: Canon EOS 7D camera, 16mm f/5 lens, ISO 200, 1/6-, 1/2- and 1.6-second exposures

This is just a supremely beautiful image, which got joint admiration from all of the judges. The colours are perfect and the blend of the isolated snowy landscape frames the surreal majesty of the totally eclipsed Sun perfectly. It’s an incredibly peaceful image

Pete Lawrence, competition judge

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