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National Maritime Museum
Date and Times Thursday 28 October | 6.30pm
Prices £5

Science Shambles is the podcast where world leading scientists just chat about science.

From cutting edge research and big ideas to popular science books and documentaries, every thing is open for discussion.

Like everyone at The Cosmic Shambles Network the approach is fun, open and accessible for everyone – whether you’ve got a PhD in astrophysics or are simply curious about how this universe works (please note, other universes are available).

In this special evening event at the National Maritime Museum, host Dr Helen Czerski and special guests get under the hood of polar science.

Join us at the Parkside Café from 6.30pm. The event will start at 7pm.

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Dr Helen Czerski is a physicist, first and foremost, but she’s acquired a few other labels along the way: oceanographer, presenter, author and bubble enthusiast. She was born and brought up near Manchester in the northwest of England, and spent her childhood playing by the canals and along the old railway routes of the early Industrial Revolution. Maths and science (especially physics) always felt as though they would be her focus in the long term, and she studied Natural Sciences (Physics) at Churchill College, Cambridge, finishing with a first class degree. A year later, she returned to Cambridge to study for a PhD in experimental explosives physics, motivated by the opportunity to use high-speed photography to explore the physical world further.

Helen is joined by special guests including;

Dr Sammie Buzzard is a Lecturer in Climate Science at Cardiff University. She is a glaciologist and climate scientist. Her research interest focusses on the surface hydrology of Antarctica's ice shelves, and work on modelling how and where ice shelves may become vulnerable to sudden collapse. This is important in determining Antarctica's contribution to global sea level.

Dr Caroline Holmes is a polar climate scientist. Starting with a Maths degree, an upbringing that gave her an interest in global social justice, and a love of clouds learnt under Fenland skies, she became a climate scientist to combine her interests. After a PhD in atmospheric dynamics and a first academic job studying the possible impacts of climate change in Scotland, she's been at the British Antarctic Survey since 2017, largely researching Antarctic sea ice. She focusses on its representation in climate models and how we can use and communicate model output for a better future.

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Please note: the audio from this event will be recorded to create a Science Shambles podcast. Listen to previous Science Shamble podcasts here.

Ice Worlds festival

This event is part of the celebrations to mark the visit of the RSS Sir David Attenborough (or Boaty McBoatface to its friends) to Greenwich

This event is supported by the Lloyd's Register Foundation via their support of the Lloyd's Register Public Curator: Contemporary Maritime