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Date and Times Every Thursday at 1.30pm
Prices Pay what you can

Go behind the scenes of Royal Museums Greenwich as we pull out some of the rare and treasured objects from the collection, and meet the people who look after them.

Our Behind the Scenes live online tour series has been specially designed to gain an insight of the treasures of the collection with a weekly interactive online tour of the stores at the Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre.

During this exclusive experience, we will focus on items made from a specific material. You will hear the stories behind the objects within the storage facility and see the conservation process in action, as we show you how we look after these special objects.

These fun and family friendly tours can last up to an hour. Ask questions live, see parts of the Museum you've never seen before, and learn about our treasured collection - all from the comfort of home.

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Behind the Scenes live online tours

12 November at 1.30pm – Paper

Join us as we look at a range of paper based items and meet our paper conservation team and see how they look after paper based items such as books, prints and globes.

19 November at 1.30pm- Textiles

It's more than just uniforms in our textile stores: join our textile conservator to see what they are currently working on.

3 December at 1.30pm - Paintings

With over 3,700 oil paintings in store, you are in for a treat as we look at a handful of these amazing pieces and see how we keep them looking their best.

10 December at 1.30pm -Wood

From a piece of fire damaged wood from the Fire of London to carved statues, we will see the large range wood-based items in the stores and meet the team who look after all the beautiful frames in the collection.

Important information

These interactive online tours have been designed for you see the treasures of the collection from the comfort of your home. We use an application called Zoom.

Booking an online tour

  • This tour is offered on a pay what you wish basis, but numbers are limited so please book in advance.
  • If you book and are unable to take part, please let us know so we can offer your place to someone else.

How do I join a Live Online tour?

1. Book your place on to the tour using our online booking system here.

2. Once you have booked your ticket, you will receive an email confirming your place on your chosen live online tour. On the day of the tour you will receive an email that contains a link and password to the prescheduled tour.

3. When it is time for your scheduled event, click the link on your email. This will take you to your chosen event which is being hosted through an application called Zoom. You will be asked for your meeting ID and Password. These should come up automatically, but if not they can be found on your original email.

4. Once you’re in the workshop, you will be asked to choose to connect audio in three different ways. We recommend using computer audio.

5. If you sign in before the workshop begins you will be asked to wait in a virtual waiting room.

6. When the workshop begins you can choose to have your video on or off. We will only interact with participants who have their camera on. If you do not want to be interacted with please switch off your camera.

7. When the session starts, have your camera pointing at eye level and your microphone on mute. You can control your microphone and video on the bottom of the Zoom page.

8. Feel free to ask our expert questions through the Q&A function on the Zoom application.

9. There is a chat room attached to the workshop room. Please use this for technical questions such as my audio is not working etc. Our host will assist you as best as they can.

10. If you are planning to keep your video on please be mindful of what’s behind you. Think about having a solid wall behind you or turning on the virtual background if you would like some privacy.

11. These sessions are monitored at all times. Any behaviour deemed to be inappropriate will result in participants being removed from the session and being reported to the appropriate authorities where necessary.