Mission statement

Already the largest maritime museum in the World the National Maritime Museum has a responsibility to safeguard the conservation of the artefacts in its trust and its consequential impact on the environment.

The Trustees and Directors recognise that environmental protection is one of the most important issues facing the World today.

Through the continuous commitment of the Trustees, Management and Staff the Museum is determined to identify potential for increased efficiency, implement waste minimisation, monitor and reduce energy consumption and our consequential emissions of harmful greenhouse gases.

The Trustees and Directors are especially committed to supporting staff in pursuance of the above aims by the process of liaison and consultation in order that they understand the value placed on their active involvement.

Statement of corporate commitment

The Trustees, Directors and Staff are committed to:

  • Increasing energy efficiency & reducing energy consumption
  • Reducing consumption of fossil fuels
  • Reducing emissions of CO2 and other harmful greenhouse gases
  • Investing in clean, energy efficient sustainable technologies
  • Reducing the environmental impact of all Museum activities
  • Reducing consumption of raw/processed materials and minimising waste disposal.

We publish our objectives, quantified targets and annual progress, so that the success of our corporate commitment is open to public scrutiny.

Improving on past performance

In July 2011 The Museum opened the new Sammy Ofer Wing which incorporates a new entrance, exhibition spaces and archive spaces totalling an additional 4700 square metres being heated and cooled by state-of-the-art energy-efficient technology.

The year 2012/2013 will be the benchmark to measure future energy efficiency against.

Over the next five years 2013-2018

  • Energy/Sustainability Policy to form part of all projects and exhibitions
  • 2013–2018 target is a further 5% reduction in energy use
  • With a corresponding reduction in carbon footprint
  • Report (only) on carbon emissions under CRC
  • Keep Energy Management Policy Document in on the intranet
  • Publish annual Utilities Management reports on the intranet.

Kevin Fewster, The Director of the NMM

Revision date: Sept 2013

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