We've listed as many policies and procedures as possible as part of our commitment to transparency.

The Royal Observatory, Cutty Sark, the National Maritime Museum and the Queen's House operate under the brand Royal Museums Greenwich. The sites are collectively called ‘the Museums'.

Visitor regulations and procedures

Visitor regulations

Sets out the regulations we expect all visitors to our sites to abide by.

Complaints policy and procedures

Summarises our approach to handling any complaints we receive.

Sets out the rules for commercial photography at the Museums.

Exhibitions, Collections, Library & Archives

Exhibitions and Displays Policy 

A summary of our exhibition and display activities, our approach to ideas generation and selection, and to the management of exhibition, gallery and display projects.

Conservation Policy

This policy provides direction for all conservation and collection care activities in support of our strategic priorities.

Collections Development Policy

This policy sets out how sound curatorial reasons must be established before consideration is given to any acquisition to the collection, or the disposal of any items in the museum’s collection.

This statement covers the Museums' acquisition of modern books, serials and pamphlets as well as microfilm and digital media, such as electronic subscriptions and CD-Roms.

This policy covers the rules we apply when considering lending out objects from the Museums' collections.

Sets out our policy and procedures for promoting and maintaining good practice in research and for investigating allegations of misconduct.

Immunity from seizure

A summary of the Museum's ability to provide immunity from seizure for cultural objects on loan from abroad.

Collections Information and Access Policy

Sets out the museum’s responsibilities in relation to providing information about the collections and giving access to them.

This policy aims to improve physical and intellectual access to items in the Museums' stored collections.

Caird Library and Archive Access Policy

This policy gives details of access arrangements to the Archive and Library collections and describes the Caird Library’s services and facilities.

Energy and the environment

Sustainability policy

Sets out our commitment to environmental sustainability and the steps we're taking to minimise the environmental impact of the Museums.

Energy management policy 

Details our approach to reducing the Museums' energy usage and carbon emissions.

Website and digital media


Summarises our commitment to making our websites accessible.

Child safety policy

Outlines our approach to promoting online child safety.


Outlines our approach to respecting the privacy of visitors to our websites and our adherence to relevant legislation.

Terms and conditions of use 

Sets out the terms of use for our websites.

Conduct of business

Covers the risk management process that we apply in every aspect of the Museums' work, from strategic planning to our everyday activities.

Summarises the project method that the Museums use for all projects with a value greater than £10,000.

Donations and Sponsorship Acceptance Policy

Sets out principles that guide Royal Museums Greenwich’s practice, and prescribes acceptable procedures with regards to accepting donations and sponsorship; its management, evaluation and accountability.

Whistleblowing Policy

This policy sets out the procedure for raising a whistleblowing concern and the support and protection that  is available.

Anti-Fraud Policy

This policy provides guidance to Royal Museums Greenwich staff around reporting concerns regarding suspected financial impropriety.

If a member of the public wishes to report a suspected fraud or has any other concerns relating to financial probity at Royal Museums Greenwich please write to either the Head of Finance or the Governance and Museum Records Manager, or the Head of People & Culture at the following address:

Royal Museums Greenwich
Park Row
SE10 9NF

Alternatively you can complete the following form. If you would like a response, then please include an email address. If you choose to report concerns anonymously we will log, monitor and follow up all reports where sufficient information is provided.


Your concern will be notified to the Head of Finance, the Head of Governance and Museum Records and the Head of People & Culture.

Privacy and personal data

How we handle your data 

Covers the way we handle the personal details we take from visitors in order to provide them with services or for the safe and secure operation of the Museums.


Outlines our approach to respecting the privacy of visitors to our websites and our adherence to relevant legislation.

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

The Freedom of Information Publication Scheme provides information on our key areas of accountability and performance against targets as well as information on the internal operation of the National Maritime Museum, Royal Observatory Greenwich, Cutty Sark and Queen's House.

See the Freedom of Information Publication Scheme