Correspondence relating to the Dock Street Estate, 1853-1858.

Correspondence of solicitors relating to the Dock Street Estate, mainly consisting of letters received by Ware and Westall (previously Stables, Burn and Ware) solicitors at 1 Copthall Court, London, representing the directors of The Sailors’ Home, dated between 27 April 1853 and 5 October 1858. Including letters from Daniel Smith Bockett (later Bockett, Son, and Barton) at 60 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, and Bell, Steward and Lloyd at 49 Lincolns Inn Fields. There is one letter to Bockett from The Sailors’ Home, dated 16 May 1853.

Record Details

Item reference: SAH/104/14/3
Catalogue Section: Records of semi-governmental and non-governmental organisations
Level: ITEM
Date made: 1853-1858
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

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