Account of a hurricane experienced by Captain Charles Dudley Parker, HMS THISBE.

The account relates to events on 23 August 1798 (but written on 26 August 1798) and is two pages in length.

Includes a victualling account for HMS THISBE for Edward Lampert, 16 November 1798 to 7 March 1799; includes allowances for spirits, bread, beer, beef, pease, pork and so on.

The National Maritime Museum holds a watercolour of the THISBE in a hurricance dated 23 August 1798 by Lieutenant A Hodge. See collections online and reference: PAD6012.

Record Details

Item reference: HSR/Z/34; X2003.016.1 DUP X2003.016.1 D2002.095.1
Catalogue Section: Manuscript documents acquired singly by the Museum
Level: ITEM
Date made: 1798-08-26
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

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