Walter Giffard and Sir Hugh de Berham.

Charter party between Walter Giffard, master of the cog OUR LADY of lyme and Sir Hugh de Berham for freight of wine, 8 May 1322. Written in Latin.

Know all those who shall see and hear this charter that Sir Hugh de Berham in the name and place of Sir Adam de Limberque, Constable of the Castle of Bordeaux, and on behalf of our Lord the King of England, Duke of Guienne, and in the name and place of our said Lord the King and Duke, has freighted and ladened at Bordeaux, the cog of OUR LADY, of Lyme, of Walter Giffard, the master, 93 tuns and 18 pipes of wine, whereof are one tun 4 pipes of stock wine, and 44 tuns of flour, to go to Newcastle-on-Tyne straightaway, for 9 shillings of good crowns sterlings of England, each tun freight at the rate of 21 tuns 1 pipe for 20. And the residue of the pipes two for the freight of one tun. For which freight the said master acknowledges that he was paid in the sum of £7 2s. of good crowns sterlings of England in part payment of the said freight, and held himself thereof well paid. And within fifteen days, counting one day after another, after God, he shall have conducted and brought the said ship across to safety to her right discharge; the wine and flour shall be discharged and the master paid for all his freight without any delay and without any demurrage. Towage and petty ladenage are on the merchants. And when the ship left Bordeaux the master and the merchants werein good peace and in good love, and without any quarrel. That is to say, the 8th day from the end of May, 1322. King Charles reigning in France, Edward reigning in England, Duke of Guienne (Arnold IV) Archbishop of Bordeaux.

These are the witnesses Richard Esparven, Thomas Bosen, P. Mauram, John de Rosorde. And that Johan Alein, notary public of the Duchy of...of June. Which P. Mauram, registrar of charters, wrote by my will. (Endorsed). Sum of the freight of the ship of Walter Giffard, Master of the ship the St. Mary, cog of Lyme- £53 11s. Of which are paid by A. de Dimbergh £7 2s. and by Polhowe £46 10s. He delivered to Polhou 86 tuns of wine and 43 tuns of flour and there are wanting 16 tuns of wine.

Record Details

Item reference: AML/M/1
Catalogue Section: Manuscript documents acquired singly by the Museum
Level: ITEM
Date made: 1322-01-01 - ?; 1322-05-08
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

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