In general, we recommend that readers visit the Library to make their own copies for private, non-commercial research purposes. Non-flash, self-service photography is free of charge. If you are unable to visit in person, staff can scan items on your behalf.

To order digital scans first create an account on the Library & Archive request system, Aeon. 

Register for an Aeon account

Search our collections catalogue for the item you wish to order a copy of and click the “order” button located in the catalogue record. 

Each item ordered will be processed and charged as a separate transaction.

We charge £10 for the first image of each item and £1 for each subsequent image from the same item. 

Orders are dispatched as a watermarked PDF file accessed via an online storage software.

Please note that this service is not offered on-demand, including on the day of a visit to the Caird Library and Archive.

If you are having difficulties locating items in the Admiralty collection (ADM) - please see the end of this page.

Ordering process and dispatch times

You will receive a quote for cost of the scans within ten days of placing your order via Aeon.  We aim to dispatch your scans within ten days of receiving your cleared payment.  Payment via PayPal is preferred. 

We offer low resolution - research quality digital images of the following:

  • Rare printed books, pamphlets, journals, periodicals (pre-1850)
  • Manuscript collection items, including Masters’ Certificates, Crew Agreements and Lloyd’s Survey Reports
  • Frequently used reference material – e.g. Lloyd’s Register, Lloyd’s List, Navy List, Merchant Navy List, Illustrated London News, Naval Chronicle
  • Charts and maps (no larger than 40 x 80 cm or 15 ½ x 31 ½ inches)
  • Multiple fold-out plates from books

We are unable to offer images of any item that is bigger than 40 x 80 cm (15 ½ x 31 ½ inches), when fully opened if a bound volume, as it will not fit on the scanner bed. This type of order will need to be ordered via the Image Sales Team for professional photography.

Further details about our service

We supply copies of complete items so that you can see the item as though you had ordered it in the Library.  It is not normally possible for the staff processing your order to look up specific information (e.g. a name in a volume) within items. 

If you are looking for something in our collections but do not have the exact reference, you can send an email to our remote enquiries service and staff will carry out a maximum of 15 minutes research on your behalf. There is no charge for this work – please email: for printed materials, or for original documents and manuscripts. If you need more extensive assistance, you may wish to employ an independent researcher to work on your behalf.

We can supply a maximum of 100 scans per customer per month.  Staff cannot undertake any cropping, contrast adjustment etc.

Large scanning orders may take longer to process and we will notify you if this is the case.  Please note that during busy periods or if we have received a large number of requests we may be unable to process your order and request that you re-apply at a later date.

All copies are supplied for private, non-commercial research only.  Please contact our Image Sales Team if you require copies for other purposes (e.g. publication (in print or online, including social media), broadcast or display – including not-for-profit use). Orders from the Prints and Drawings collections are processed through our Image Sales Team. 

Image Sales and Image Licensing

Admiralty collection orders

When a result is found on the National Archives website for an Admiralty volume in our collection, in their record, please see the 'Former reference in its original department' section. The reference / number is incomplete - it should include a forward slash instead of a space. Therefore, use this formula to convert the reference numbers:

ADM 354/124/12 = ADM/B/124   

Please note: the '12' denotes a foliated page, which is not found in our Archive catalogue records. To process your order, we require the description and date of the record, preferably with a link to the National Archives page where you found the item. 

Another collection is the Navy Board Unbound Out-letters which is found in the National Archives as ADM 359. This can be converted as:

ADM 359/32B/90 = ADM/BP/32B.