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The British transatlantic slave trade A four-volume work covering the history of the British Transatlantic slave trade and including relevant texts in facsimile. VOLUME 1 focuses on the operation of the slave trade in Africa featuring John Hawkins, A true declaration of the troublesome voyadge of M. John Hawkins to the parties of Guynea and the west Indies, in the yeares of our Lord 1567 and 1568 (1569); John Matthews, A Voyage to the River Sierra-Leone (1788); John Adams, Sketches taken during Ten Voyages to Africa, between the Years 1786 and 1800 (1821) and Gomer Williams, History of the Liverpool Privateers and Letters of Marque, with an Account of the Liverpool Slave Trade (excerpt) (1897). VOLUME 2 features texts connected with the largest and most significant of the English slavetrading companies, the Royal African Company established in 1672. The reprinted texts highlight the changing fortunes of the company, the details of the charter under which it traded, the financial pressures of maintaining fortified establishments in west Africa, the rivalry with other African trading companies of European powers, the increasing presence of private merchants in the slave trade and the role of the company in maintaining British imperial and naval power. VOLUME 3 concentrates on the early days of the abolition movement in Britain, reprinting texts from the late 1780s. These include papers by Clarkson who toured Great Britain gathering data and evidence on the conduct of the slave trade, other contemporary observations of slave conditions, and Thomas Cooper's Letters on the Slave Trade which provide estimates of the volume of the slave traffic. VOLUME 4 reprints a representative sample of texts illustrating the defensive reasoning employed by pro-slavery campaigners based on mercantilism, imperialism, constitutionalism and even humanitarianism. The texts provide an insight into attitudes toward race, work and power in the colonies and Hanoverian Britain. Each volume is supported by a detailed bibliography. April 2003 • BOOK • 4 copies available. 326.1(261)